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Florida Opportunity Scholarship Recipients

UF Foundation

Categories: Public Relations, Press Outreach, Videography


Company: The University of Florida Foundation (Gainesville, FL)


Role: Public Relations Intern

Campaign: Florida Opportunity Scholarship


Goals: Maintain Publicity, Community Involvement

Inspiring alumni support on behalf of the University of Florida

The UF Foundation is a non-profit meant to encourage the alumni support of private funds and resources. The org makes sure gift assets are always used in accordance with each donor's wishes. It was my responsibility as the Foundation's PR intern to promote The Florida Opportunity Scholarship program. A program providing full scholarships to those who are first in their family to attend college.

My role was to increase visibility of the program and promote the scholarship recipients. Activities included writing student features, directing and producing video features, drafting press releases, and advising on website changes and social media content. Working on behalf of a prestigious program gave me an inside look at what it takes to bring non-profits to life.

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