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Train of Thought NYC

Categories: Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy, Public Relations, Copywriting, Community Management, Videography


Company: Train of Thought NYC (New York, NY)


Role: Founder/Content Creator


Goals: Brand Awareness, Community Engagement, Fan Acquisition, Web Traffic

Provide global recognition for underground artists & musicians of the NYC subway 

The NYC subways are filled with commuters and buskers who perform on a daily basis to help make a living. I decided to put my content strategy and video skills to the test by producing a brand-new content series promoting this activity.


I established a communications plan to brand and promote the series, all while directing and producing original video content exclusively for social media platforms. Other activities include developing the brand website, writing all content copy, scheduling and managing posts, and securing talent for video shoots. The series has received over 12 million video views to date. 

Train of Thought NYC YouTubePage
Train of Thought NYC Instagram Page
Train of Thought NYC Facebook Page
Train of Thought NYC Website
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