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StarKist Social Media Slide

Categories: Account Management, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Community Management


Company: Horizon Media (New York, NY)


Client: StarKist tuna

Campaign: #OwnTheDay

Role: Social Media Manager


Goals: Brand Awareness, Community Engagement, Fan Acquisition

Inspire health & fitness advocates to choose StarKist as their primary mealtime solution

I wanted to grab the attention of diet food advocates by developing content in the health & fitness category, something the brand had never accomplished on social media before. Our target needed more than recipes and brand facts to keep their interest afloat. Posts needed to inspire healthy eating habits by motivating consumers to be the best versions of themselves. #OwnTheDay was the hashtag campaign I invented to motivate fans to take ownership of their diet & exercise routines. 

Engagements and follower growth grew significantly once our strategy was set in place. Simply because StarKist fans appreciated being spoken to, not spoken at. I worked directly with the Charlie the Tuna animators to learn how to mimic his mannerisms and bring him to life on Twitter. Other roles included building the StarKist Instagram and Pinterest platforms from the ground up. StarKist continues to tap into the health & fitness category since my departure.

StarKist #OwnTheDay
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