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Nintendo 3DS

Categories: Audience Insights


Company: Nintendo of America, Inc. (New York, NY)


Role: Product Demonstrator

Campaign: Nintendo 3DS Launch


Goal: Increase sales of the Nintendo 3DS during the 2011 holiday shopping season

Demonstrate the power of the NEW Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system

Nintendo had released its latest iteration of the Game Boy in Fall 2011. Titled the "Nintendo 3DS," this portable gaming system was the first of its kind to allow users to play games in 3D without the need of additional glasses. I had the opportunity to demonstrate this product to consumers in gaming and electronic retail stores throughout NYC.


This position required me to produce field research reports after each store visit. I grew up being a huge fan of Nintendo. This role was a fun way to put my research skills to the test right after college. The 3DS later became the hottest selling toy during the holiday season.

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