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Champion USA

Categories: Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Community Management


Company: Publicis NY (New York, NY)


Client: Champion athletic clothing

Campaign: #RealChampions


Role: Social Media Strategist


Goals: Brand Awareness, Community Engagement, Fan Acquisition 

Building brand equity with #RealChampions

Champion was once recognized as a leader in athletic apparel. Perception eventually changed as Nike and Adidas started taking over. The #RealChampions campaign was designed to separate Champion from the rest of the pack. It wasn't about superstar athletes and big endorsement deals. The series was all about representing everyday athletes looking to make a difference in their communities. I worked with our creative teams to make sure the series was strategically represented on social media.

On the apparel side, Champion Life was a new division focused on urban streetwear and athleisure. The popularity of this clothing line exploded into the fashion scene, but needed a boost on social media to keep up with Millennial demand. I acted as both Strategist and Community Manager for Champion as the brand made its comeback. I redeveloped the brand Pinterest page to help inspire wardrobe decisions and built the Champion Instagram account from scratch.

Champion went from promoting athletic wear against the likes of Nike and Adidas to simply focusing on their fashion catalog on social media thanks to our insights. The Champion Instagram account has grown to over 5 million followers to date.

#RealChampions Mantra
Champion Instagram Slide
Champion Pinterest Slide
Champion Life Mission Statement
Champion Social Media
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